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Thread: Level 85

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    Level 85

    I've been on level 85 for two weeks. Any help will beg early appreciated

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    Boris Lebedev
    Hello nmcotx13,

    Here are some tips on how to solve this level.

    On level 85 the main trick is to use a Lightning power up to unlock the yellow tiles at the top-left part of the screen. There are two possible of ways of earning the Lightning on this level. The first one is to make as many bombs as possible and aim to make combo explosions. The second option is to get rid of the crates at the right part of the screen and unlock the hidden Lightnings.

    Alternatively, you can use bombs to blast the golden tiles, however, this may be a bit more difficult. Keep a close eye on the field and choose whichever strategy is more suitable for you.

    I hope these pieces of advice will be of help. Good luck!

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