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Thread: Building Materials

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    Building Materials

    Since we cannot have a barn for building materials it would be nice to be able to touch on the next community building that needs to be built in the menu ( for example next community building available at level 68) and see what materials are needed so we can sell the ones we don't need.

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    I understand it is not exactly what you are wishing for but the information has been collected by the players. You can fin dit in the new to township section of the forums or on the Wiki Township where you will find a lot more data too.

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    Thank you graylady, but I did read those before I listed this thread and did not see anything on the list that applies to my wish. Am I missing something on the list that applies to this?

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    Ok I figured out what you were saying and I found what materials I needed. Here
    Thank you very much..

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    Thank you graylady. I figured out what you were saying about how to find out what materials were needed. I found it at this link.. Very helpful.. Thanks

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    Hi, Graylady was referring to the thread in the forum section here Community Buildings & the information on Wiki

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    Helllo hope this is where I can make a suggestion. Since it takes so long to get materials to build the buildings why don't you make a Hardware Store like the market. This way we can build our buildings a little faster. And we could have more storage in our Barns. Please let me know. Thank you hamburgular1953(David Mathey)
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    David, there are sticky threads at the top of the Wish List section about, among other things, ideas that Playrix have already permanently kiboshed. Changing the way building materials are stored is on that list. While Playrix admins do have a presence on this forum, it is actually intended as a place for players to communicate with each other, rather than a direct line to the game developers as such. They won’t necessarily see every post and tend only to respond directly to significant issues.

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