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Thread: Losing life when minimizing game

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    Losing life when minimizing game

    Sometimes when I'm done playing and I have lost a level I just minimize the game. When I come back to the game, it returns many times to the screen where I've last lost to level, and it will be hours later, and it automatically takes a life off of a full set of lives. Every other game I own does not do this. Sometimes I don't want to hit x's and the back button several times to exit out of a game it's easier to just minimize it by hitting my home key. Do you have a fix for this in your next update?

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    If you minimize the game on any of these two screens:

    when you resume, it will pick up exactly from there - i.e., just losing a life.
    Next time, try to close that window, and make sure when you minimize (without exiting the app), you are in the house, on the main screen of the game.

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