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Thread: 133pts More Than Perfect Score

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
    Wouldn't OPs team have to have three racers to have been put with a team of three initially though?

    I still don't really understand regatta points... is there any way this it position bonus/dumps penalties/whatever taking effect?
    Hi Nevada,

    I thought of that, but then I remembered reading in a thread where instead of 15 co-ops racing against each other, there were 16 of it could be a glitch; like if the co-op they were racing against started out at 3, then became 2, and they (northern dancer's co-op) started the regatta later than the other co-op. Either way, it is an issue & should be fixed by playrix.

    I'm getting the hang of regatta points get a position bonus when you finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, but that's only after the race is finished & you also get a co-op size bonus during that....there are no "real" penalties for dumped tasks, this only matters when you want to be on the global leaderboards.

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    My co-op experienced a similar thing a few weeks ago.

    Our race in the golden league had teams of six and the top five teams had perfect scores of 12960. We were struggling in the bottom three. On the last day one team registers a score of 13095 to go top. This is not possible so I reported it to Playrix with screen dumps to prove the point. I was hoping they would be kicked out and we would be saved from relegation. No such luck we were relegated in 13th place.

    A few days later I received an automated response from Playrix which was of no help.

    The team in question had three gold league wins at the time. I have just checked the teams stats and they still have three gold league wins so Playrix must have discounted their win from that race.

    We bounced straight back to the golden league in the next regatta with a win in the silver league.

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