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Thread: Earning Stars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keepit_simpledc View Post
    Also some of the tasks should be allowed to be skipped or not used at all.
    Heavens yes! The rooms start to look too cluttered. Do we really need so many plants all over the hall?

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    The game would move much faster if we had options for gaining stars more quickly (love the daily wheel idea) and if the number of coins earned versus the number required to extend life or purchase tools was in better balance. We gain 50-100 coins per level, but it takes 900 to ‘buy’ 5 extra moves. Why not 250 or 300 to start....

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    Considering that buying 5 moves and buying 5 entire lives are exactly the same price, 5 moves is significantly overpriced

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    Now that the items take less stars to buy, I want all the stars back that I've overpaid. It's not fair that people who haven't been playing as long will end up with more of the house finished than me when we are on the same level. Smells like bullshit, actually. I've overpaid, I deserve reimbursement. It's quite simple.

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