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Thread: Position Rewards & Boosters

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    Position Rewards & Boosters

    Ive got a silly yet serious question.....can anyone tell me if the leadership in a co op affects the booster that you may or may not get at the end of the race?It seems that only the leader gets a booster or is it totally random?
    If this is the way,(seems unfair),can I give the others a change by being leader for a week,?,or is that totally silly?and can it be done without damaging my co op,I do trust all 4 co op members,and am sure on that aspect we are okay.I feel quite guilty collecting boosters every time and they get nothing.

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    Probably, you are just lucky.

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    I have been racing with one other player for 5 weeks (wooden to gold league) winning every race. Some weeks we both got a bossters, other weeks only one of us got a booster. Last week we won gold league again and neither of us got a booster. We only changed leadership once for half an hour when I updated the game because of the banning issue a few weeks back.

    So from my (limited) experience I would say that receiving boosters is totally random.

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    Thanks Sablob,will keep that in mind.I think I am going to put the issue to a vote in the co op and get their oppinions as well.Hoping for more boosters for you and yours😊

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    I must admit I thought the rewards were awarded in relation to your level

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    I have both of my towns in the same co-op. We rarely receive boosters at the same time & the leader doesn't necessarily get better rewards. There have been players in our co-op who have won boosters more than others.

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    Thanks to all, I have since asked at my co op,and it seems the boosters are totally random.Guess I was just lucky to receive a booster for the past 3 weeks,I am not complaining,am grateful.

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    Hi Llydia,

    We are a six-person co-op (I'm a co-leader) & I like to make notes of anything & everything during the regatta; what I have noticed (for us anyway) is that the boost isn't random. It depends upon how each of you (individually) did on the regatta (also whether your co-op finished 1st or 2nd) and who has dumped the most tasks (for us it's usually me, since I'm the one who's online the most).

    For example, more often than not, during regattas I tend to always finish first (unemployed with too much time on my hands ) & I won't get a boost as a reward, only tcash and other stuff. The 2nd & 3rd co-op member who finished their tasks the fastest would get boosts (super harvest in wooden league, IIRC) or tcash, but the last person to finish &/or the slowest person to finish tasks wouldn't get any boosts, no tcash either. This has been true for us ever since we've started doing the regatta.

    During my first ever regatta in another co-op (1st place in wooden league) & I had the highest score, my rewards were: 9 tcash, 2 rubies, 4 slabs.

    For my current co-op, here are some of our rewards:

    Wooden League (1st place):
    me: 9 tcash, 4 timber, 4 axe
    leader: efficient smelting boost, 3 gold ingots, 4 red paints
    member: 9 tcash, 4 TNTs, 3 slabs

    Copper league (1st place):
    me: 4 saw, 4 gold ingots, 4 dynamite
    leader: 2 rubies, 1 vibrant market boost, 4 slabs
    member: 1 popular passion boost, 4 slabs, 2 rubies

    Steel league (1st place):
    me: 5 pruning shears, 12 mine picks, 3 rubies
    leader: 1 popular passion boost, 5 red paints, 3 rubies
    elder: 5 TNTs, 4 glass, 3 rubies

    Silver league (1st place):
    me: 5 axe, 5 hammers, 12 tcash (+50 tokens)
    elder: 1 high-speed production boost, 4 hammers, 3 rubies (+50 tokens)

    Golden league (1st place):
    me: 5 shovels, 15 mine picks, 5 platinum ingots (+50 tokens)
    elder: 1 high-speed production boost, 13 tcash, 5 shovels (+50 tokens)

    2nd week golden league (2nd place):
    me: 1 efficient smelting boost, 4 hinges, 3 emeralds (+40 tokens)
    leader: 3 emeralds, 4 red paints, 5 TNTs (40 tokens)

    *I finally got a boost because I dumped the least number of tasks for our co-op during that week while our leader did all the dumping

    Last week on the golden league (3rd place):
    me: 3 slabs, 3 shovels, 3 silver ingots (+30 tokens)
    leader: 2 slab, 3 pruning shears, 3 red paints (+30 tokens)
    elder: 3 timber, 7 mine picks, 2 bricks (+30 tokens)

    *number of dumped tasks were pretty much even & we were in 3rd place, so nobody got any boost or tcash

    We've also placed below 3rd in the golden league; we had perfect scores but had very stiff competition (usually from russian &/or chinese teams):

    golden league 6th place, 7,000 coins (+20 tokens)
    golden league 7th place, 7,875 coins

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    Hi Rarity,
    Well,that does not make any sense to me then,because I am the dumper and I dump most of the tasks.I dumped 558 tasks in the previous regatta ,and got a booster,we are in the golden league and came second in the previous race,one other member dumped 132 tasks and got a booster while the member who dumped the least ,12 tasks ,got no booster.So, I do not know if dumping applies to the boosters,in any case thanks for your info. K

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