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Thread: How Do Others Expand So Quickly?

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    How Do Others Expand So Quickly?

    I am now at level 47 and need .to buy more land
    Looking at other people's towns they have a lot more land at earlier levels.
    What have I done wrong ?
    I have only expended as I have needed more land
    Now I am having to work hard and wait for a shovels etc
    I now wish I had expanded a lot more land earlier in the game instead
    Of as I needed it .
    R D

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    Unless you've sold off your expansion tools, then you've done nothing wrong. Every piece of land is available right from the start of the game, if you've got the tools, population, coins etc to clear it. Some people will use their T-cash to purchase extra supplies, thereby clearing the land faster. You've a long way to go yet, so don't worry too much.

    One point that is made often on this forum, is not to hoard building/expansion/barn upgrade tools beyond what you need for the next building, piece of land or upgrade. The game doesn't like you to be too out of balance, although there does tend to be at least one item in short supply at any one time.

    Also, as soon as you are able, start to upgrade your trains. They bring in the materials you need, so work on them.

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    It's just low xp requirements per level for younger levels. As you go up, you get levels slower and less stuff per level, so expansions will eventually catch up.

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    Thanks for your replies. It looks like I am being a little hasty.
    I will have to stop admiring others great townships.
    Would I be right that folk are always rearranging their township
    I am looking forward to crossing the river and developing life on the other side

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    One thing that will really help you opening up expansions is upgrading your trains so they return faster. So you get more saws, shovels etc. over time.

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    While upgrading the trains is good advice, don't forget that filling up train carts gives you only XP, not coins. So don't neglect helicopter orders and planes, since you'll need more and more coins to expand!

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    I don’t rearrange my town very much anymore, to be honest, though I make small decorative alterations if i’m at a loose end. I have my town how I want it, I like how it looks and it functions well. I currently have spare space allocated for my next community building and my next 2 houses. I am fully up to date on buildings and am just waiting to level up before more become available, so I think I’m going along as the game intends. I am never more than one or two expansions ahead of myself, sometimes I have to wait a few hours to get one last saw to expand as I need to, but it’s never too bad.

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    People have different experiences and I am not sure why. I had the same discovery, that I had much less land cleared than others around my level. That is still true and I'm over level 100! Coins and supplies were always an issue for me also, and I often had to wait, sometimes for days, after a new building became available, because I didn't have the wherewithal to build it. Even now, although I start saving building materials when I think I am close to levelling up at the zoo, I am always missing something (usually boards) to finish a new zoo enclosure. Likewise, those people who have more coins and t-cash than they know what to do with, I have no idea how. The last update that included a new factory, although I had space for it, I didn't have the coins! I know one of my early problems was that I didn't know to keep flipping those trains, so I didn't have building supplies. But if that was the sole reason, I have no idea.

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    I hit a wall at around level 50, I remember, where I was slowed up trying to afford several costly factories, plus 3rd foundry and 4th island all at once. I just had to stop building CBs for a while, sell all materials, and hit the helicopters like mad to save up. I do okay, except for coins.. that’s what holds me up if anything. Since then, i’m getting by thru planning and saving up for the next factory before I get there. That may well not last, tho. I’m aware it wouldn’t take much to throw me out of sync with things again, but that’s the nature of the game, it seems. I avoid conflict with the zoo by only bothering with it up to the point that made zoo regatta tasks easy. Now I only do anything with it when I have no CB under construction, or about to start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starshine View Post
    People have different experiences and I am not sure why.
    I have 103 expansions, and that is by choice. I didn't get a new expansion in i don't even remember how many levels. My town looks like this (just to get an idea):


    All CBs and houses lined up next to the mountains, 0 decorations, factories/mills/animals strategically close together, fields near by. Next to the ocean line foundries, mine, HOL, whatever else i still use. Airport/train/heli pad all next to eachother.
    This way i always have more than enough coins to immediately buy any factory/house/CB available.
    I started in the beginning to arrange everything in a more town-like way, but i always found that i don't have enough space, AND that i had to move everything around A LOT! Which i did not enjoy very much (this was before the new edit mode). So when i'm finished with all CBs and factories, i will start expanding like crazy, while maybe take a closer look at the zoo (i shudder to think of it).
    Worked fine with my play style so far!

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