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Thread: Help level 514

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    Help level 514

    I can't get past level 514, can someone please help...

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    Hi there,

    I watched a few videos and from what I can see this level is going to go best if you focus on creating rainbow blasts. The rainbow blast meter charges quite quickly on this level. Exploding 2 bombs at the same time is enough to charge your meter to full. That means even detonating a few firecrackers at the same time will charge your meter pretty quick. Knowing this, your main goal is going to be to clear the middle space and create as much room for you to create power-ups as possible. Save the power-ups you create until you can detonate multiple power-ups at once and charge that meter quickly. You can use your rainbow blast to start removing honey from the areas blocking the lemonade by swapping them out with the types of fruit trapped in the little sets of 2 squares. Odds are the're will be one of ever type of fruit so you'll need to create a few rainbow blasts this level to see success. Your best bet however, would be to try and save a rainbow blast or two and keep creating others until you can get 2 side by side and then just switch 2 rainbow blasts and clear the entire level all in one go. I could see this level coming down to the final move or you could get really really lucky, have your first 2 rainbow blasts end up next to each other and clear it in 10 moves or less.

    Just remember your main goal is to create and detonate power-ups (as many at a time as you can) and create rainbow blasts. Good luck.

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