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Thread: Colony On Mars

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    Colony On Mars

    Since we have Spaceport, I think it would be grate if Spaceport won't just stay as a decoration, but after it has been completed it can take us to Mars where we can build a new colony. Just like a Zoo thing. We would click on the Spaceport and go to the Colony. There we would build some space buildings, get some space minerals and use them to develop our factories etc.

    (edited on 28/10/2017): I developed this idea a little more:
    1- The Colony will be another place where the players could get via clicking on the Spaceport. The Players could be able to build different living buildings where people live, solar energy stations, factories for producing special tools and Mars rovers and different other buildings. Lnd expantions also would be able.
    2- There will be another place like Mine where players will work with special tools produced at the Colony factories and find different types of minerals and ores. Minerals and ores will be used for producing things at the Colony or in Township factories.
    3- Spaceport will serve for getting to the Colony and bringing to Township goods from the Colony. You will click on it to get to the Colony, but it won't work the same way as the Zoo bus. Players won't be able to go to the Colony anytime they want. First they will need to full the Spaceship with different goods (cause people on the Mars colony need some food and other goods too you know ). As the trains, the Spaceship would be ready for trip only when all the boxes are full with requested goods. After the Spaceship is full the player would be able to fly to Mars. Every trip to Mars will last several days, 3 days for example. And during these 3 days Spaceship would be absent from the port and during these 3 days the player would be able to get to the Colony just by clicking on the Spaceport icon. And only during these 3 days the player would be able to operate with mines and factories on Mars and full the Spaceship with minerals and ores which they want to bring back to Township. After these days are over Spaceship would automatically come back to the Township (with the minerals that were put in it by the player) and wait until the next trip while the player filling it's boxes are full with requested goods.
    4- Neighbours and other visitors who are visiting the Township of another player would be able to get to the visited players Colony by clicking on the Spaceport anytime.
    5- There won't be any extraterrestrial alien livings there. Or if they would be any, they would be just decorations, so the players could decide by themselves to place them or not.

    P.S. Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.
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    Nice idea, a whole new Township on Mars
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    I like this idea!

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    I developed this idea a little more.

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    Vusal, I really do like this idea. Very well thought out. . Also, I see you fairly new to the Forum, so welcome. Keep those ideas coming, you have some good ones...
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    I also like this idea.

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    A very interesting concept Vusal. Thanks for the idea
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    It would be amazing to see this implemented!
    I hope your post will be added to the Creative section of the Frequently Suggested Ideas list, and that the devs will consider it!

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    Yes I hope they consider it. I wasn't going to build the spaceport but if this idea is a possibility I will definitely go ahead and build it.

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    Thanks for your replies and welcoming me. I'll try to share with you some new ideas soon.

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