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Thread: Two Wishes: Special Decorations and Regatta Rewards

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    Two Wishes: Special Decorations and Regatta Rewards

    Hello everyone!

    I have read several requests of fellow townshippers over the past year and have also read the list of things not possible at this time or ever. I hope my first wish is outside that list.

    I, like many other players, see other towns as I make new friends, race in regattas and visit in general. I have seen several really awesome decorations from events and/or seasons past, before I was a member, and I wish I could get them also. I have waited until I was playing Township for a whole year before I made this request to see if it was possible to buy some of them in a repeat event or season when it came around again. I have found that one or two were similar but the rest are all new and quite different..which is a wonderful thing! So, I was thinking that instead of proposing something about buying older decorations from the players who are higher level/playing for longer since that is on the no-no list anyway, my wish is that there be an event! This event could be called the Township Auction or something like that, and a variety of all decorations past would be available for bidding. People who wished to bid could either participate in selling certain factory goods or items to earn tickets or tokens. It could even be a straightforward event, as in the past. I saw a lot of positive feedback for the restaurant event a short time ago. Maybe a Township community Thaksgiving could be an event and the prizes could be a mix of old and new ones.

    My second wish is less elaborate and, as I have read, is shared by many. That wish is that our regatta chest rewards go back to the rewards items AND the choices we used to have with them. Please! It is awful enough not being able to attain the same rewards I could before because I had to reduce my co.op size, but to not have any choices and have all or most of the rewards be glass and bricks with no tcash, jewels or's not fun! There are many good things about the change in the regattas, but that one aspect needs to be changed back.

    Thank you for reading!
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    I have seen in one town a Flyboard Jetpack, a man with a water Jetpack and bouy, would love to be able to buy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golfattack View Post
    I have seen in one town a Flyboard Jetpack, a man with a water Jetpack and bouy, would love to be able to buy it.
    Those were decorations given to people who bought t-cash at an event. That event was just 2 events ago so I doubt if that would be something they offered if they come up with something. Maybe if they were decorations from t-cash purchases from a couple of years ago.

    If you go on the wiki Fandom they list the decorations given for t-cash purchases, which really I don't think they would ever offer them, that would mean less incentive for people who purchase t-cash.

    If you are new and do purchase t-cash wait for the events, they offer the sale plus special decorations.
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