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Thread: New Community Buildings

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    New Community Buildings

    Some of them are just ugly. And since we cannot delete or store them, I'm not building every one of them. But then I have few population, few factories and few expansions. So it would be great to have an option to sotre or sell/delete community buildings. And/or to have new ones (not ugly ones )

    Here are some suggestions for new community buildings:

    - Pirate ship amusement ride.

    - Solar power station.

    - GSM tower.

    - Bus station.

    - Subway stations - we can have 3-4 stations with different look to place in different points of the city and each of them may stand for another community building and add some population limit.

    - Modern art center (see the picture for a suggestion how it may look like or google "Haydar Aliyev center" for more pics) 465710_0.jpg
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    Selling/storing community buildings is the third point in things that won't happen, see full list HERE.

    As for the other ideas, i love the Subway stations one! To have many subway station all around town, so we can develop the towns, and the infrastructure along with it.
    I would like to see that implemented, even if it is a decoration, instead of a Community Building.

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