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Thread: Does Township get boring with higher levels?

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    Does Township get boring with higher levels?


    We play Township in family.

    In the beginning we especially loved the fact that our town was growing and were curious what would come next.
    But now we have activated all the expansions, all factories, all houses... there is nothing more to grow.

    We thought that the zoo would be more spectacular. We looked forward to it, but somehow it is not that fascinating.
    Unfortunately, the zoo is separated from the town. Nevertheless, we let it grow - activate the expansions, the animals and so on.

    We do agree in family that Township now (with a higher level) has lost its charm.
    Do you agree to that?

    Is there something special that happens if you are in level 90 and higher???

    Have a nice weekend,

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    Hi Happytown7: you might be interested in this thread discussing this very thing:

    Liza took our complaints and suggestions to the Dev team. So we wait to see what they will come up with!
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    Hi Nana,

    thanks for the link to the other thread.

    It‘s good to know that we are not the only ones who would love their town to keep on growing even at a higher level.
    I hope that there will come more to work on in future.

    I think you guys have great ideas and the Township developer are so much willing to provide us with a great game that we can wait for something great for us to come.

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    Bethany Clarke
    I'm level 76, but once my community buildings are done at around level 82, I'll begin focusing on my zoo. Since I've largely saved my zoo for once my town is done, I know levels 82-100+ won't be boring for me.

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    township level34

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    Yes, it does get monotonous. What I do to break the monotony is to set little goals for myself such as 400+ co-op helps per week or build my TCash by so much per day. If I were to ask the developers for anything it would be to add 1 or 2 more levels to each achievement.

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    400+? Wow. I'm doing the best I can, using Raj to fill requests for other people and all, and I probably have around 70 a week!
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    I'm so glad you think 400 is a good stat! I thought it may have been an inadequate goal because sometimes I check other co-ops and some people have huge stats. You made my day - thanks.

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