My Zoo was reset and all my enclosures, animals and shops missing.

I've submitted numerous report tickets with no restoration even though "Sergy P" has stated he would do it manually (See thread insert below).

Dealing with the support team is very frustrating for me because they respond to every other email like its the 1st time I've reported the issue even though I've included the previous threads they've responded to and it's obvious they aren't reading them. It's really frustrating they respond so often with the same basic answer of restart, uninstall or reboot

Sergy P. promised to manually restore my Zoo, but now keeps responding is mentioned above...

Sergey P.

September 27, 2017, 15:19 +0000


Would you kindly tell me what buildings disappeared?
I will add them manually to your account.
Thank you in advance!

I even insert previous threads of previous reports with their own answers and it's obvious they aren't reading them.

I've came to the conclusion that my Zoo will never be restored unless I do it myself (Which I'm not going to).

I would be happy to hear from anyone that's received restoration and how they accomplished it...

I suspect the issue is lost in language translation since all of my support responses include canned multi-language basic instructions...