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Thread: 18.02 New Fishdom Update Is Now Available!

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    Earning Diamonds Fishdom

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuen Pham View Post
    Hi Pahm,

    Thank you for playing our games As for Level 32, I can definitely give you some tips. Clearing the bottom row of the ice tiles by matching them is not a good idea - this way you are going to waste too many moves. Instead, concentrate on getting a few power-ups that are powerful enough to unearth the gold bypassing the ice tiles completely. The hardest part here is to detonate them in the right places.

    Good luck!
    I noticed a review for Fishdom stating that You can earn diamonds by watching videos of advertisements. Can You explain to Me how that is done ?

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    Is the new update with the ice and pufferfish not available to those who play on iPads?

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