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Thread: Question Regarding The Dreaded TIE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will9455Nikki View Post
    How about some direct answer to this question, Playrix. How EXACTLY is "Total Task Time" calculated?

    I posted a response to this question with the direct answer from Playrix, but my post needs to be approved by a moderator. Stay tuned!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beth61477 View Post
    The player’s task time is a cumulative total of each individual task from start to finish. The time not on a task is not included in this total. So, if a player tasks 16 tasks at one hour each, their total task time is 16 hours. The team’s task time is the total of each player’s task time. The time you enter the regatta and the time you finish does not have any bearing on the outcome of the race. The defining factor in determining the winner of a tied race is based solely on task time.
    Honestly, this makes the most sense. The sum of an individual's time spent directly on task. Definitely shows why preparation should be taken advantage of.

    If this isn't the way that it works, I think it should be adjusted to where it is the way.

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    Don't want this thread to get buried away, i would still like an official, clear explanation on all this

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    I would also like to know what the official answer is. It would change my regatta strategy.

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    I asked this question previously and was told that total time is time from taking the first task till the end of the last task including intervals inbetween taking tasks

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