Hey everyone,

I'm hoping that someone can help to remedy a bit of a debate that is going on within our co-op. This may be rather long-winded (for which I apologise in advance) but I think I need to do it this way to make sure that I am fully getting my point across.

From Wiki:

Who comes 1st with Maximum Points in a League?
In the case every racer chooses to do maximum points (all 135 point tasks) it's a race to refresh and finish tasks as quickly as possible. The co-op to finish all of their tasks first and in the fastest time in the league will be 1st, while other co-ops who finish later with the same maximum amount of points will be 2nd, 3rd, etc. In this case the time from the first task taken, to the time spent to finish each task does affect your co-ops final position as well.

Focusing on the red text above, is time calculated from Point A: The first task taken TO Point B: The last task completed?


Is time calculated from the first task given taking the TOTAL TIMES spent on each task?

I guess what I'm asking is this? Say I take my first task on Thursday at 09:00, but the last task completed by another person on my team is Sunday at 18:00 and spend exactly 30 minutes on each of my 16 tasks, but have 15 minutes in between each task, does it count as 8 hours?

Or does it count as 11 hours 45 minutes for me?

Or does it count as the time from when I started until the end of the last task, counting it as 81 hours?

Have I confused you? (I almost confused myself, so I would understand.)

Thanks in advance.


Or lastly, does it count as