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Thread: Ingot storage vault

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    Ingot storage vault

    Would it be possible to have a separate storage vault for ingots so the don't take up stoarge place in the barn

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    Bethany Clarke
    This is one of those things that is asked for all the time along with a tool shed for all the tools so we don't have to keep them in the barn, too. From what I've seen so far, though, the answer to this is "no" since having to manage barn space is one of the strategic aspects to the game that they'd like to keep.

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    A vault, or a bank, would make sense, though. You don't keep precious metals in a barn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Framwinkle View Post
    A vault, or a bank, would make sense, though. You don't keep precious metals in a barn.
    Framwinkle, this made me laugh out loud!

    A lot of stuff would spoil in there, as well. Curdled milk, anyone?

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    Lara Gray
    I came here to ask the same question. Tools should be in a seperate shed. You are stuck holding them. I would be happy if we could attach tools to the building we are working on so that would get them out of the barn. You could even make a Builder man and his store.

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    I have thought this many times, as have we all - it is rather foolish to keep your precious metals in a barn! Just wish the Devs would listen to us on this, but they seem to want to keep us "challenged" however stupid it may seem!

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    I also would like the ingots not in the barn. I was thinking though that they don't need a separate "bank" but do what they do for the gems. Just have a icon in the upper right hand corner. I know it is all part of the game to manage the barn but the building materials do take up a lot of space, and it seems when you upgrade the barn it takes longer to get all the materials you need to build factories, always 1 item that takes forever while the other 2 build up excess. Another thing I noticed is that every time you upgrade the barn all orders, train, plane and customers, increase the amount of what you need. Example is when you start the game let's say a customer needs 5 tomatoes and now at the level I am at they need 20 or 30 tomatoes. This means you need to have that extra space available in the barn. Thanks for letting me get out my frustrations here

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    Hi bluedaffodils

    2 suggestions

    Learn to delete those orders asking multiples of the same product. Most of us do.

    As for your suggestions, please read this post from one of the admin.
    Graylady, Forum member since may 2014 --- Playing on Android, not on Facebook
    Township level 206, Zoo 194 animals, --- coop #HHPY84

    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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    Just Me, Really
    Hi, I've recently opened the Mint and not used it yet - is there any benefit to smelting down ingots for coins? Or best to keep ingots for upgrades? Wish there was a way to make more T cash!!

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    Just Me, Really
    Can anyone help with my query? I seem to have disappeared front the What's New tab!! Thanks! 😊

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