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Thread: [match-3] Other extras from 6-piece- and 7-piece-combinations

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    [match-3] Other extras from 6-piece- and 7-piece-combinations

    I would like to have the dynamite at a 6-piece combination. At a combination with a other extra the effect is a little bit bigger.

    And at a 7-piece combination a big mirror ball would be great. At a 5-piece combination in a line there is a little mirror ball, that has not so a big effekt. It removes not all pieces of a kind, but the big mirror ball removes all pieces of this kind and also makes some, that it also removes. At a combination with other extras the little mirror ball makes lesser extras of a kind than the big mirror ball.

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    The combination of two fireworks with each other should have a little bigger effect than two single of it separately. Two rows and two columns should shot away.
    At a combination of a fireworks with a dynamic then 4 rows and columns could be shoot away.

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    I like your idea for the rockets. Right now, when you cross 2 rockets, you get a cross effect - one rocket goes up and one goes across. I have found this to be largely useless for most boards. I would much prefer the combined rockets to clear 2 or 3 adjacent rows going in the same direction as the original position.
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