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Thread: Stuck on level 35!

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    Stuck on level 35!

    Are there any tricks that might help me beat this level?

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    Hi KMag,

    Here are a couple of tips that I think might be useful.

    The tiles in the column can be cleared out only with the help of power-ups. You can find two pre-set Lightnings in the chests and just getting to those might be enough to successfully pass the level. However, sometimes it might not work as well as you have to activate them on the same colored piece as pieces in the column and that it not always possible. We definitely wouldn't recommend trying to get the color you need close to the Lightning - it is very hard to do and you will waste many moves doing so. So if there are no same colored pieces next to the Lightning - simply move on to clearing out the next. It is quite likely that the right color will be right next to it.

    You should also try to make bombs as those will bring you the third (or even the fourth) Lightning - that would definitely be enough to win!

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