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Thread: Too Many Levels Before Decorations Become Available

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    Too Many Levels Before Decorations Become Available

    At the point of the game that it is too far between levels for new decorations to become available­čś×. Also way too many decorations for the pirate aquarium..not enough for japan aquarium. And...havr earned the middle ages aquarium but have to finish about 300 more levels before those decorations become available. Not cool!

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    Hi there! Thanks a lot for your feedback and for bringing this issue to our attention Let me assure you that with the next update you'll definitely see some major improvements in relation to this!

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    Why do you have to play 50 levels before getting decorations and fish prizes? Rather bothersome and it takes months and months to even get stars to get new aquarium. Like the game but it coud be A WHOLE LOT BETTER!

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    Lvl btwn fishes

    I think 50 lvl between fishes is to much. I feel I will never get ALL the fishes before I run out of aquarium space.

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    Hi Pipou

    They keep adding new aquariums, just not fast enough for high levels players it seems.

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    Change the last click

    Please, I wish to have the possibility to change the last click!!!

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