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    Listing Order

    Apologies in advance if this has been brought up before, but I couldn't find anything prior to deciding to post this.

    Is there a reason that posts are OLDEST first rather than NEWEST first?

    The only reason that I ask is that a new member of our co-op indicated that she had been looking for a new co-op for a few weeks and didn't realise that the newest options were at the end of the thread.

    Looking at it, quite a few of those with current posts under "highly competitive..." are maxed out.

    Not a complaint (or even necessarily a request); just a curiosity.


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    Hi Will, this can be changed in your settings. From there on the left-hand side under 'My Account' choose 'General Settings'. Scroll down to 'thread display options'
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    Threads are usually sorted from newest to oldest, the replies in them go in the reverse way. Smb who doesn't know it probably started internetting very recently.
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