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Thread: Ideas That CANNOT Be Implemented At This Time (Or Ever)

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    Ideas That CANNOT Be Implemented At This Time (Or Ever)

    We receive lots of amazing ideas from our players every day, and we absolutely love it when you share with us your creativity! Many suggestions became part of Township, and made the game so much more fun and interesting. And we are sure greater ideas are yet to come!

    There are some ideas though that could not be implemented due to various reasons. Sometimes it is because of the game balance that would be negatively affected, and sometimes due to technical requirements or resources involved.

    We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at the list below before posting your ideas. This way we can ensure that we don’t miss any new ideas that may be implemented in the future. Your understanding is really appreciated!

    Ideas that cannot be implemented:

    • Cancelling/rearranging items in factory queues
    • Separate building just for materials and tools
    • Selling/storing community buildings
    • Converting coins into cash
    • Rotating buildings/decorations in 4 directions
    • Expanding editable area of sea/ocean (x)
    • Day and night mode, different weather and seasons
    • Special icon for Port/Zoo/Mine/etc in the main interface
    • Partially helping a friend
    • Sending more than 5 gifts a day
    • Adding more than 50 in-game friends
    • Traffic lights, road signs
    • Cars crossing bridges
    • Townspeople walking in and out of buildings
    • Any places of worship, any flags other than Township flags
    • Sending private messages to friends
    • Requesting building materials in the co-op chat
    • Ignore/ban feature
    • Market for selling products and buying them from other players
    • Launching updates at the same time for all platforms
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