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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethany Clarke View Post

    Update: After updating my game and completing 6 levels, I have now gotten a new Newsfeed post, but it's in Russian. I don't speak Russian, so this is still a problem.
    I just checked and after the update, I have a line Feed in my "tablet" with tons of posts in it, and friends and fotos and what not. It showed numbers for what is new. Nicely made and not in Russian and I am not interested in it, but it's probably what you meant, so you'd better report it (again). ;-)

    I have another line called News in my "tablet" and it reports about Events with Olivia's wool, the official news tab after the update (in the menu top right) refers to it. Didn't understand or get the events yet, but anyway, it's something different than the (news)feed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethany Clarke View Post
    I believe I was able to access my Newsfeed once the first day was completed - at about level 8.
    Thanks Bethany!

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    Still no newsfeed.... I did report this from inside the game weeks ago. It is a shame... I like the game so much, but without newsfeed it is only half the fun.

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    Same here. No Newsfeed since I began the Living Room. Just like the Kitchen...
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