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Thread: A Goofy Solution to Barn Storage

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    Sherry Fojtik Glueck
    I am fairly new to this game so I have maybe a stupid question. When I press on an object it shows that I can put it in a box, but is that storage. Where does it go and can I get it back?

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    Bethany Clarke
    Yes, that's your storage area for decorations. There's a tab for it in Decorations and you can get it back out at any time.

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    Yes the box is your own personal storage. If an item goes in you can find it by tapping Yellow Hard Hat, Decorations - second tap from left is box icon with your items in it. You can take them whenever you want.

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    Mitchell Loved it, made me laugh, especially seeing the giant monkey with large cymbals smacking them together in a repetitive motion!!

    Sherry, tah pesky storage even got me the first time I used, I was like I know I put it somwhere! Knd of like putting it in the perfect spot so you will know where it is!
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    Thank you! So that is what happens when we're away from our towns. Makes perfect sense. We don't really run them 😊 The townspeople just let us think we do ...

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    Thanks, Watkins! I like having fun with the signature, too.

    Barbara-Jean, I'm glad this tickled your funny-bone. I hope there is a monkey in the store. Imagine the story the Mayor will tell to explain it. LOL

    Exactly, Tassie. That also explains the completed factory orders overnight. Three cheers for the graveyard shift!

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    Rick McEntire
    Good one.

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    Thanks, Rick!

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