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Thread: A Goofy Solution to Barn Storage

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    A Goofy Solution to Barn Storage

    The Stationmaster's Bombshell

    Executive summary: Upon reaching level 63, trains will not run on odd levels, since community buildings only appear on even levels. Once the surplus construction materials are used, the barn should have plenty of space for other uses.
    ================================================== ==================
    At the Weschex Township Planning meeting, the board heard from the CEO of Weschex Development Corp., the International Construction Workers Guild, the Zoo Director, the Tri-Rail Transport Union, seven townspeople and a stuffed monkey.

    Fighting nearly broke out after Farmer Joe demanded that WDC stop ordering so many construction materials.

    "We have enough slabs, to build the Flower Shop and the Horse Track and we're only on Census Tract #61! I've got tomatoes rotting in the fields so you clowns can milk the town for projects we don't even need!"

    The CEO shouted back, "Listen here, you ignorant clodhopper! Just sell the tomatoes overseas. Progress is going to claim that pitiful farmland, anyways!"

    The Zoo Director wanted to know why Farmer Joe kept giving away the planks and pruning shears. Then, she noticed the monkey and wondered why it wasn't in an enclosure, slyly hinting at the lack of activity in the zoo.

    The monkey had no comment.

    The T-RT Union rep worried that his members would be laid off. The Guild rep worried that there would be more slab-tossings.

    By the end of the meeting, the board made a momentous decision:

    "This board finds that WDC, in its greed, has colluded with the Rail Unions to upgrade all three trains to the point where they are making far more frequent runs than is required [1]. We can not recover all the ingots thus far invested, so, as punishment, we will place the rail service in receivership.

    "Henceforth, trains will be idled during the odd Census Tracts and run during the even Census Tracts."

    The meeting ended when the monkey lit off a firecracker and shot through the open window.

    [1] Supported by research: GrayLady's table: Tools to Complete Community Buildings
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    Senior Member Lyndie's Avatar
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    Oh, thanks for that 😂

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    You're quite welcome, Lyndie.

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    Bethany Clarke
    This made me laugh! You really are creative about your town. The stuffed monkey was a nice touch. Perhaps the Weschex PR board should petition the use of the stuffed monkey for the business district's mascot. That way Weschex wouldn't just be doing business; they'd be doing, you know, monkey business...

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    Bethany, that's going to be brought up at the next general meeting. If we can purchase said mascot, it will sit prominently atop City Hall. (You don't think it will frighten the children?)

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    Bethany Clarke
    Only if it's clanging together a very large set of brass cymbals in a jerky, repetitive motion...

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    Hee-hee! You read my mind...

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    Thanks for a good laugh. Very creative :-)

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    Thank you, too, GrayLady! Your chart inspired the strategy.

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    Watkins Mill
    Nicely played, Mitch! Your signature quote is much appreciated.

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