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Thread: New Flags [Merged Thread]

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    Slovak Flag

    Please create a Slovakia flag

    Thank you



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    I need the Slovak flag too for my co-op friends. Please, add it.

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    Agregar la bandera de Uruguay

    Hola, a quien corresponda me dirijo para pedir que sea agregada la bandera de mi país, Uruguay , agradecería que lo puedan hacer de forma urgente ya que la quiero colocar con mucho orgullo en mi ciudad y no la de otros,desde ya muchas gracias

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    I do not speak Spanish. I am not an administrator on this Forum and cannot help you (get a flag?).
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    Te lo traduce el celular.. tenés idea a quien me puedo dirigir??

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    More Flags in Customizable Flag

    There are only 2 Flags of African Countries.
    Add More Especially for Kenya

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    Please make more different flags. Like the Olympics, we would like to display our country flag. The flag I want is Slovenia. Please!

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    Hi Townshippers. Thank you for your suggestions. Some new flags are sometimes included in the updates, so fingers crossed for you

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    please add the flag of Paraguay..


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    Please add an Icelandic flag

    I would love to see an Icelandic flag added to the customisable flag options in decorations. It is odd that most of the Nordic countries are represented but not Iceland.

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