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Thread: Help!! MEMBER LEFT

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorekeeper View Post
    Your sarcasm is dripping. And your memory has holes in it. Will not play your poor, poor me games. You could have left, got some sleep, enjoyed your beach vacation, cleared your head and came back to The Den and talked to us in a civilized manner BuT no, you stormed out, and hit the leave Co-Op buttom. End of story. You wrote the ending, Cathy.
    I agree with Scorekeeper. In my opinion it was a bit disrespectful to leave the Co-OP like you did. I am sorry Cathy but it was your choice to leave.

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    When members leave for no reason & everyone is getting along it actually hurts. We develope relationships. Some need to go, some kicked but for the most part its just explanation. It isnt fun wondering why...but we just move on....

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    My drama senses are tingling...

    Some leave. That's life.
    When a relationship has been built up, it hurts. Especially when it's under less-desirable circumstances.
    However, if that's the case, they evidently weren't as good a fit as hoped, and it's for the best in the long run.

    For the original question: if they'd earned 135 points, then left, your co-op will keep those 135 points, but no one can "take up the slack" and earn any extra points they might have got if they'd stayed.
    Bummer for this week, better for next.

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    It is a shame when someone leaves mid-race (especially if they haven't finished their tasks). But what can you do about it?

    That said, I can also understand that leaving can prevent addition damage to friendships made within the community. If you feel out of place, I do understand leaving.

    Short of Playrix giving the option to allow leaving ONLY after the regatta ends OR all tasks are completed (which I'm not sure I would mind too terribly, just as a point, and excluding the option of the lovely "boot"), the only thing left to do is work to rally around any shortfall left behind.

    I have only left one co-op mid-race, but as I had completed the minimum requirements for the co-op, it was just an action. I forfeited any rewards as a result.

    I guess now is the time to move on and hopefully find someone to fill the gap left. And to the one that left, I hope you find a more comfortable fit elsewhere.


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    Thanks to everyone for their kind and encouraging posts. The Den is strong and we will weather this storm together. May your day be blessed

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    Hey guys,

    I appreciate that there are hurt feelings on both sides here. But in the future -- please try not to air them out on the forums.

    If you'd like to continue a conversation, I'm happy to serve as a mediator over PM.

    Thank you.

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