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Thread: 28.09 Interview with Hermann

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    28.09 Interview with Hermann

    Hey guys!

    We’re happy to share the first-ever interview with one of the most famous adventurer in the world - Hermann the Crab! He took a break from his latest expedition to answer the most frequently asked questions and reveal some of his secrets. Enjoy

    Hello, Hermann! Thanks for your time — we know you have a busy schedule, what with all the scientific research you have going on. Our players wanted to know more about you, so they sent over lots of questions. Shall we get started?

    Oh, it's my pleasure! I'm my favorite person to talk about! Haha, I'm kidding. Okay, let's do this — I'm all yours! I'll try to be informative and honest with you.

    I’m from New Orleans, and I'm curious to hear where you’re from, Hermann.

    New Orleans? I’ve heard that's a beautiful city. I'm from Northern Canada — you should swim by!

    How did you get started as an explorer?

    I grew up on a remote rocky beach, and there wasn't much going on. It was more of a quiet, deserted area with very few living creatures. Just not my speed, you know? My grandma would tell me stories about Atlantis, and I loved them! I always wanted to find the sunken city. And so, when I finished school and saved up enough coins, I left home to go out and see the world. And I've been traveling ever since. I haven't found Atlantis yet, but I’m not done looking for it!

    Mr. Hermann, why do you wear a pilot’s cap?

    This is my lucky accessory. Before I started my expeditions in my bathyscaphe, I was into aircraft engineering — I even built my own plane. My first flight wasn't successful though, and I had to eject. I landed in a bay full of big eels! Fortunately, I had time to escape, and the cap stayed on my head the whole time. Since then, I’ve thought of it as my lucky charm, which is why I always wear it during expeditions.

    What was the scariest underwater place you’ve visited?

    The ghost dragon reef. It's a creepy spot! I get goosebumps on my claws every time I think about it. Black serpentine corals looking like dry trees covering the sharp cliffs and the entrance to the cave... which splits into more passages covering mile after mile. According to legend, this is where the ghost of the last sea dragon settled years ago. Now it's looking for an exit and can't find one, which is why it attacks lone travelers who happen to drop by. I didn't meet the ghost myself, but I heard it howling and rustling behind a wall. It was dark and creepy, though exciting in a way!

    It's great to see you bathyscaphing again! What's your favorite ocean?

    I love the Indian Ocean — it's warm, calm, and very welcoming. I always go there when I want to take a break and relax in the sun.

    Have you already traveled the Seven Seas? Is it true that the Dead Sea is actually very much alive?

    I've only been to three of the Seven Seas, but that's just a start! And the Dead Sea is my next destination, so I'll see for myself how accurate the name is.

    What did you do to make your bathyscaphe break down? How did it happen?

    Well, I was coming back after inspecting a shipwreck. Just minding my own business... The sea was calm, the gauges were fine, I was watching jellyfish swimming by the window… And then out of nowhere, a hammerhead shark crashed into the Nautilus! I didn't even have time to say anything before it was out of sight and my bathyscaphe was sinking to the bottom. I found out later that the shark was being chased by an angry orca. I don't know what they were fighting about, but I just happened to get in their way. It was a close call!

    What's your middle name?

    My full name is Hermann Alexander Brown.

    What's the most interesting animal you’ve seen from your underwater vehicle?

    I’ve seen a lot of unusual creatures on my journeys. But I have yet to meet someone more amazing than my good friend Leo the ray. No one can pull off what he does with electricity — his lightning show is incredible!

    When are you going to visit India?

    I'll tell you a secret: I'm taking off for India very soon. Stay tuned!

    Thanks a lot for the interview, Hermann! Is there anything else you'd like to tell our players?

    Don't give up, follow your dreams, and remember: there’s no such thing as an unbeatable level!

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    When will you be returning to the dead Sea, looking forward to seeing you there.

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    Herman you are most welcome to Africa,come to Kenya and u won't regret the safaris and the white coastal area.Indian ocean covers it and you said its your favorite ocean

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    How can I get through level 67 on fishdom? I have been playing this one for about a week now.

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    I could use some more friends requests so I can get more help and I can use gemstone to get threw the hard boards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheila Walker View Post
    I could use some more friends requests so I can get more help and I can use gemstone to get threw the hard boards
    Add me

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    Hello im new here

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    Add me, Facebook name is Naomia pixie Baker I need more friends also.

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    I enjoyed your interview, dear Hermann. Maybe I will meet you at the north sea. 😂👍What do you while the ebb there?

    Many greetings

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    Add me :-)

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