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Thread: I Made A Big Mistake! Can You Help?

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    I Made A Big Mistake! Can You Help?

    hi, I'm sorry English is not the best..
    I tip on one of my fishes. there was three points to choose. 1. change the name. 2. (I tip on this, it says; don't show in the store anymore) and 3. sell the fish.
    so, I tipped on point 2. I thought it's just not anymore in the store bit it's not in my aquarium also?
    why? can I get my fish back anywhere or do I need to buy again? but I lost lot of fish money then. ((

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    The second option is the new MOVE fish to the store which let us move them to another aquarium, just like decoration. If it work like decoration, going to the fish section in the store, you should see that fish in first place with a 1 beside it to indicate you have 1 in stock ready to be place in the aquarium of your choice.

    Here is what it looks like:

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