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    This game is really great..i've been playin this for more than a year now...and all updates made the game really wonderful...i only hope that community buildings would also have people in people playing in the courts...=)

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    This will probably get boos and hisses but since we have a community toy store building, why not a toy factory It came in my head making the cute stuffed monkey. :P

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    Bethany Clarke
    Although we don't have a toy factory specifically, we can make toy trucks in the plastics factory. A toy factory would be fun, though.

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    Light box and Bethany this has bugged me too. You guys remember the plastic factory had its tire replaced with the inflatable boat? Good move. In regards to the truck though, I agree, it's odd that it's still present at the plastic factory. With the current event's plush monkey, it's only natural that one would wonder why not include a toy factory. Technically ice cream could be produced at the dairy factory, there's donuts produced at the bakery even though we have a C.B. Donut shop. Again, annoying. For these reasons I haven't built the toy or donut shops.

    I say dead the plastic truck, replace it with a surfboard, flippers, or garden hose. Create a antique/item shop factory for the truck and monkey type items. Raise its value by making it the one factory with items that periodically change and refresh. Your thoughts?
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