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Thread: Not Liking The Medieval Season Decorations

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    Not Liking The Medieval Season Decorations

    The pirate regatta was OK with decorations but did not fall in love with them. The medical are terrible. These are my opinions though. To me the sneak peeks had better decorations. Was looking forward to the Knight with horse, guess he went to fight in a war or something, lol! At least the other prizes, boosters,gems and stuff is better but not buying the decorations. Any one else feel the same?
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    Yes, I agree, not going to bother with the decorations this time, running out of places to put them anyway. However, I do think the other rewards are worth having, I'll be grabbing all of those

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    I like the tavern, I guess.

    The sword in the stone could be a quirky lil touch.

    Certainly won't be getting the others.

    The pirate ones weren't bad. I got the beached ship and canon, and the tavern. They fit in quite well with what I was looking for.

    Didn't get the cow on a boat, or the octopus, but that's just my style. I prefer the more "realistic" stuff.


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    I got the pirate tavern, so don’t feel the need to get yet another pub, lol. I’m not a huge decoration person, other than greenery really, but I do love the upgrade coupons and gems. Just as well, cos I am not enjoying the crate tasks anymore and have been put off mysteries by too many disasters. So star thingies are a bit scarce for me..

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    Not another...


    ALL the pubs... Haha!

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    I actually like stargazer tower and that's it. Guess, it's just difficult to please everyone. If the decorations of this season don't click for you - the less pressure it is to get the prizes you like.
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    I think it’s probably a pretty good mix of decorations and useful things. No complaints here really. Now where’s my pint...?

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    I like the medieval theme more than the pirate one to be honest as I already had a corner with a castle scene before... Was a little bit disillusioned with the cartoony style first but found that the tavern and sword are fitting quite well with the castle and timber framed houses in my town.

    Won't get the piggy king and the carriage though, LOL.

    Those decorations are always a matter of taste and I really like that Playrix offers also other - real valuable - prizes so everybody should be able to find some nice rewards.
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    Yeah, the decorations are always hit & miss. Already bought the booster so saving up tokens again. The season tasks are going down like a lead balloon in our co-op, but really hoping that the bought items will become available again as they did last week.
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    The tower looks great in my university village. That's the only one I'll get, I think.
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