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Thread: 5.02 New Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chic121 View Post
    Gosh I wish they would get this problem sorted out the gift things has been about 10 days now ??
    I wonder if this has anything to do with the missing clovers? If I fill a cart, but it's already been filled in an earlier time warp, then the first person would get the clover not the second.
    I always have up to half a dozen missing clovers each day.

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    It more than likely is Lyndie. My clovers seem to be lower than usual too.

    But.. I'm happy to say that both games seem to be running properly. I'm still not receiving many gifts but the 2 I swapped between towns, worked fine this morning.

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    Heike Ott
    What have you DONE??? Since the latest (Mac) update, the game runs so slowly that it's virtually unplayable. I've tried it on two different Macs with nothing running except the Finder and Game Center, and it's so slow I can watch the crops sail majestically across my screen to the barn as I harvest them. When I click to go to the zoo, I can go refill my coffee and get back before it's finished loading. Scrolling through the market or the contents of the barn is so painfully slow, taking about 2 seconds after each mouse click for the screen to move, that I'm about ready to give up on Township. It's now extremely frustrating to try to play instead of enjoyable like it used to be.


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    My mac is doing the same thing.Painfully slow at everything. When I get to the zoo, it seems to run normal. It's to slow to play, supposed to be relaxing to play. My marketplace is a nightmare, pushing arrows 5-10 times to get it to move 1 slot.Hope they fix it soon.

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    I installed the updates before the Chinese New Year celebration, and then again today. I ended up uninstalling and re-installing the game. I'm still having problems with my Android tablet "screaming" as soon as the game starts up, and the sound is turned all the way down. This is the only app I'm having problems with, so I'm wondering if it has something to do with the updates. My tablet has been scanned, and I have no malware on it.

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