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    5.02 New Update

    Hey guys!

    The February update is now available for all iOS, Android and Kindle users!
    Get it now:

    Upcoming events:​
    Township is celebrating Chinese New Year:
    * An absolutely new event pitting you against other players—do you have what it takes to win?
    * 5 new temporary holiday decorations available at the store: Chinese House, Paper Lanterns, Goldfish, Monkey Statue, and Light Tree
    * New plant: Tangerines
    * 4 new temporary recipes available at the factories: Fortune Cookie, Tangerine Cake, Toy Monkey, and Paper Lantern

    St. Valentine's Day:
    * 11 holiday-themed decorations available in the days leading up to the holiday, including Prince on a White Horse and Flower Cart

    New at the Zoo:​
    * 6 new decorations available at the store: Jacaranda, Cactus, Inflatable Panda, Lion Trampoline, Zoo Trampoline, and Baobab
    * Zoo notifications added—don’t miss anything that goes on at your Zoo!

    Even more content!

    * New exclusive decoration now available: Notre-Dame de Paris
    * 7 new flags now available: Jordan, Catalonia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Bulgaria—find your country!
    * News tab added to Settings, putting quests, updates, and game tips all in the same place!
    * Background updated—check it out!
    * New townspeople wandering your town
    * Improved interfaces and (some) game graphics


    Township Team.

    P.S. An update for Mac users will be rolled out in 2 weeks from now. Stay tuned!
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