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Thread: Ideal Co-op Size?

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    Ideal Co-op Size?

    What’s your ideal co op size and why? I’m finding that it’s harder to do well in gold league the smaller your number of racers is.. wondered if that was a known trend, or if we just got unlucky.. Is there an optimum number, do we think? It was certainly easier to compete in my co op of 20-24 than my current 9-14.. though I prefer the social dynamics of the smaller group.

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    Good question. I don't think I'd be happy leading a team of 20+ unless our style changed. We're at 9 right now and I would be happy at about 12. Any more and I'm afraid the task selection would dwindle, reserves would make people cranky, and we'd stagnate a bit.

    I think a small to medium team can be competitive and we've won first with only 5-6 of us racing. We can afford to be picky about tasks and communicate well.

    IMO it's an asset to have some members sit out who still help on trains, planes, and requests in chat. Regardless of the size of the team, 25% or more could opt out but contribute in other ways. A 20-person team with 10 racers has a big edge over a 10-person team with all 10 racing.
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    I agree with the thing about having some not racing.. though nobody in my team is keen to suffer a boring week feeding the racers. We just seem to be getting creamed, lol, despite doing 14-16 tasks each at 133/135. Ah well, maybe we’ve just been unlucky and it’ll change soon. We did find reserving tasks nigh on impossible when we were larger. Easy enough with fewer than about 13 or so of us. And thx for resurrecting my thread, btw, I thought it sank without trace, teehee!

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    You may want to consider to do one race with 14 tasks each. It might give you easier opponents next time.
    And people who don't want a boring week miss the fact, that they can actually use that week to concentrate on zoo or helicopters with booster. A week off regatta may take your zoo from level 10 to level 15. In fact even if you're nearing a barn upgrade and have lots of materials for it stored, it may be a good idea to sit one out and have fun on the next regatta with tons of space in the barn
    As for coop size, the more the merrier. It's not about the size that makes it problematic, it's more about having more people being active.
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    Is that genuinely part of the game mechanic, Stan0.. that doing fewer tasks gets you easier opponents next time? We’re currently in 11th this race (gold), having had a dreadfully slow start due to the crate tasks suddenly turning on us, lol. The top 4 in our group are zooming ahead, clearly doing all 135s, and at pace. But even with our usual pretty competent race last week, we only managed 7th, and had to really fight for that! It’ll be tough to pitch a reduction just right so as to not risk demotion.. tricky business, this!

    I’m totally in agreement about opting out for a week. I think it helps with general regatta fatigue too. Maybe i’ll lead by example, take next week off

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    We have 8 to 11 racers. I would have like to have had one or two more but the tasks were so bad and so many low point tasks last season that I was glad that we didn't have any more. And last week wasn't any easier. Most of the time the task board was pretty bare. I think anything over 15 racers would be too many to reserve tasks. We have a stable group so we must be doing something right.

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    Ofc, it's just a guess, the matching maybe truly random for all I know, but if you are struggling with getting gold, what do you have to lose? )
    Still, you are not supposed to finish 7th, if you are doing well, so you can consider a 14 task an exercise in coordination and management. Doing unusual stuff should improve your performance in any case.

    P.S. Actually if your coop members start rotating opt out, it may throw off the matching mechanism and grant you some easier opponents next time.
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    Yep, as you say, the worst that can happen is we drop down a league and then hop right back up again! I’m even considering changing the regatta zone we’re in from Europe to America, see if that makes a difference..

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    We're not super competitive but even we get regatta fatigue. Like Stan0 said, I love having a week off to *not* get tasks done and focus on earning coins for the next big expense or whatever. It's not like the regatta rewards are all that valuable. The one thing that bugs me about sitting out is I don't know if the others on my team are dumping undesirable tasks and I usually have to remind them.

    I would imagine that you'd have to try it and see if it works in order to get others on board.
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    Last 2 weeks we were 3rd and 2nd but this week we are struggling to stay in 5th. I noticed that the top three Co-ops have a much higher average town level, which gives them an advantage due to more upgraded factories/trains/ships. Other than number of co-op members racing, are there other criteria the game uses to select the 15 co-ops in each group?
    We are in Golden league.

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