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Thread: Mark Green Area Bug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    I finally made some sense and finished level 53.
    Great to hear that! 👍

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camylie View Post
    Great to hear that!

    Now I am stuck on level 54 LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camylie View Post
    Cause at least one element have to be inside green area called carpet. Its hard and annoying a bit but it seem its not bug but mechanic obstacle made this way. I cannot explain it easier, hope You know what i mean. Ive noticed its hard to figure out homescapes for players which playing GS, for me too.
    Yes, but it's redundant. A bomb, plane or firecracker moved from green area to non-green area and explodes in the non-green area takes the green with it to the area it explodes and then spread it from there. Look at the graphics while doing it. The spot isn't green to begin with, but gets green caused to the move from green to non-green. Directly after it explodes and fill areas around it. But if you do the same with a regular piece, it doesn't take the green with it. That is if you move it from green to non-green and then "explodes". We are not talking move from non-green to non-green.

    I think it's an obvious bug, but hard to explain what I mean.
    Non-green to non-green is part of the game.

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