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Thread: New Mystery Tasks

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    Coop member got the clay as a mystery task -- it's not his forte.

    I took the 31 plane crate task and don't find it confusing. You fill a plane crate (yours or someone else's) and it counts. But it can take a while if you don't have a lot of friends or random players online looking for help.

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    Mystery task: 76 milk

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    6 shrimp, 12 melons, 39 train holds, 29 plane crates.

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    We currently have 6 members in our co-op, levels range from 47-77; we all do 16 tasks worth 135 pts; 46 out of our 96 tasks are all mystery tasks, that's 47.9% (almost half of our regular tasks). Below is a summary of all the mystery tasks we did, including how often they appeared. The mystery task that appeared the most are plane-related tasks (fully-loaded planes & filling plane crates). 15 plane-related tasks out of our 46, that's 32% (almost 1/3 of our mystery tasks).

    I don't know if doing a lot of mystery tasks affect the quantities of the tasks, but it seems to be a pattern with us (the previous 2 regattas, 35% & 42% of our tasks were mystery task) getting 45 hot products, 48 ores, 2 fully-loaded planes; this regatta we got 30 train holds instead of 41, 15 clay instead of 20 (a regular 15-clay task is worth 106 pts only & 13 tokens). I was wondering if the same was true for other co-ops who do a lot of mystery tasks as well.

    Anyway, below is the summary:

    1. play 5x at the house of luck - 1x

    sell hot products at the zoo:

    2. 45 hot products in 2 days - 1x
    3. 50 hot products in 2 days - 5x

    excavate ores & clay in the mine:

    4. 48 ores by race's end - 2x
    5. 52 ores by race's end - 2x
    6. 15 clay by race's end - 1x

    collecting animal produce:

    7. 32 wool in 1 day 8 hrs - 1x
    8. 20 bacon in 1 day 17 hrs - 1x
    9. 23 bacon in 1 day 17 hrs - 1x

    feeding animals:

    10. 114 animals in 20 hrs - 1x
    11. 117 animals in 20 hrs - 1x

    island tasks:

    12. 10 olives in 2 days - 2x
    13. 16 bananas in 2 days - 1x
    14. 18 bananas in 2 days - 1x

    produce & collect factory tasks:

    15. 7 sneakers in 19 hrs - 1x
    16. 9 popsicles in 19 hrs - 1x
    17. 9 corn dogs in 20 hrs - 1x

    sending fully-loaded planes:

    18. 3 fully-loaded planes by race's end - 6x
    19. 2 fully-loaded planes by race's end - 1x

    filling plane crates:

    20. 29 plane crates by race's end - 8x

    sending trains:

    21. 9 trains by race's end - 2x

    filling train holds:

    22. 38 train holds by race's end - 1x
    23. 30 train holds by race's end - 1 x

    harvesting crops:

    24. 120 cacao in 1 day 11 hrs - 1x

    helicopter orders:

    25. 20 orders in 16 hrs - 2x

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    I just got 14 tacos in two days.
    Guess I'm out for the next 24 hours then.

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    Wow! You really keep track! We have no statistics to share.

    In general, the mystery tasks seem to be getting harder. In the 1st season, they were almost always a pleasant surprise. This season, they've been causing much misery.

    We dump all tasks below 135, so I don't even know what they are. But we don't seem to be getting many manufacturing tasks anymore. We all like to load up the queue and let it run while doing something else, but that's getting rare.

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    One man’s pleasant surprise is another man’s miserable nightmare, though, right? I personally hated the previous season, though others really liked it. At least this way we know the ‘damage’ is limited, as the theme passes and another one begins. I’m not loving the crate tasks, exactly, but I like them better than all the ships. Maybe the next theme will suit you perfectly!
    I suspect the mystery tasks vary a bit in type between themes because the themed tasks replace certain standard ones, then the mysteries replace a proportion of what is left over, in order to attempt to balance the tasks. But it could be genuinely random, or it could be that the mysteries are more likely to match the theme, not less. Dunno. I don’t do mysteries any more. Too risky for me.

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    I wonder, (and we'll probably never know), at what point the mystery task is decided?

    For example, if I take a mystery task, and get train crates... if Suzy had took that mystery task, would she have got train crates? Or something else?

    In saying that, I never get coconuts... is that pure luck, or is the game aware that I haven't unlocked that island, so it's a genuine blank task until someone selects it?

    I just did a (standard) mining task, and used every pick and TNT to complete it. So now I have nothing but a few sticks of dynamite. Would a mystery task be so cruel as to give me a mining task?

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    I wondered this too, but I think it must decide upon opening, since it won’t give you a task you aren’t at the right level for. I seem to remember hearing of people getting factory tasks when they haven’t yet bought the factory, back when these tasks first arrived, although they were in each case at a high enough level to have built it. Perhaps it is different for the islands.. or perhaps you’ve just been lucky so far. But I think nobody would ever do them if you were risking getting one too high for your level just because someone else in your co op could do it..

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    Guess am using animal booster

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