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Thread: New Mystery Tasks

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    That makes more sense. The task discription is just worded poorly.

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    Yep, the new plane and train “fill crates” tasks are for ones you fill, for yourself or others, not ones you get filled for you. So they’re much faster tasks than the standard train and plane, because you don’t have to wait for your own to arrive.. i’m motoring through my first one filling crates for others. I love it, they’re fast and encourage generosity both outside and inside your co op, what’s not to like?

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    Next mystery task, 135 points, 9 hats in 1 day 7 hours

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    I just did a mystery task of 19 helicopter orders for 135 points. I took it hoping for the best because it was the only one on my task board worth 135 points. Got lucky as helicopter orders are quick and easy!

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    135 points***18 bananas

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    Task was Mine 20 units of Clay for 135 Points. Clay is somewhat rare so I thought I'd track what it took to do it. With a fairly efficient mining technique it took:

    188 Tools "net" (total reduction in my tool inventory - some tools were found during mining and they got used up too).

    For this I dug up

    20 Clay (the target goal)

    4 Platinum Ore

    15 Gold Ore

    23 Silver Ore

    36 Copper Ore

    That's a lot of tools to get 20 Clay so I'd recommend having a lot on hand before taking this task.

    Edit: - Sorry, I posted this under "mystery tasks". This was not a mystery task but a regular "seasonal task". Still, that's a lot of tools
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    Mystery task : 10 Olives in 2 Days for 135

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    Mystery task : feed 117 animals in 20 hours

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    Mystery task for 135 points...produce 6 frying pans in 16 hours

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    In our co op train and plane helps by others within co op counted towards total. Also, if the player with the task filled a crate within the co op that also counted. Dont know about filling crates outside the co op. Hope this helps.

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