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Thread: Homescapes Harder Than Gardenscapes?

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    It's only my humble opinion: I do like Gardenscapes WAY more than Homescapes. The little games are a bit "plasticky" for me in Homescapes. Yes, it's harder, but that is not the (only) point. It is somehow more fun with Gardenscapes. I don't want to say, Homescapes is bad, I do like it.

    One could make a first class game, if most boards would be solvable but would be tricky, tricky, tricky (same for Gardenscapes in reality). But I understand the devs, I assume.

    It, too, would be good (in case both games do have an end), if there were a possibility to spend a little money (to support the devs) at the end of the games. Before the end I'm afraid that the games could crash and no more playing is possible.

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    This is the only reason that I actually signed up for the forums.
    These levels are ridiculous!!!
    They’re so difficult & some, even with boosters & extra moves are practically impossible!!!
    I’m thinking of deleting this game. It’s just not fun to play a game & continuously lose. The frustration factor makes my blood pressure sky rocket.
    I’m glad it’s not just me too.

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    No entiendo como dan tan pocas vidas si los niveles son tan dificiles. Ni con todas las ayudas logras pasar los niveles tan absurdos. Dudo mucho que alguien pueda terminar la mansion con lo mucho que te piden que hagas por nivel y luego con solo 5 vidas. Creo que terminare desintalandolo

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    Much, much harder

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