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Thread: Looking For Facebook Friends? Add Your Name/Link Here

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    I would LOVE to get some great Gardenscapes friends bc Im a great Hostess,LoL -I Send Out lives every day and I NEVER EVER get any in return when I could really use a few!!!! Well,That and I kinda want to know if y’all are as obsessed with this game as me-I haven’t been playing that long maybe 80 levels or so,but I’m certainly Hooked!! I would Absolutely LOVE everyone’s friendship 🔆

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    Add me, need more Fishdom friends. Lisa Fletcher Wooden

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    This game is fun

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    Lory Lewis Brazell on Facebook. I play fishdom and gardenscape daily. Add me please..

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    Looking for friends to play Gardenscapes

    Quote Originally Posted by Boris Lebedev View Post
    Hey everyone,

    Post a link to your Facebook profile in this thread, so that other players can add you to friends in Fishdom: Deep Dive!

    Please check your Facebook profile settings to make sure you can receive requests from strangers.

    Happy gaming!

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    looking for friends playing Homescapes and Gardenscapes

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    I’m looking for friends in Fishdom, Homescapes & Gardenscapes. I’m quick to send out lives to all my friends.
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    I search a lot of Friends for the Game Gardenscapes - frank.wolf66

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    New to this. Would love to have friends for gardenscape. Not sure how to do it. Help if you can.

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