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Thread: Looking For Facebook Friends? Add Your Name/Link Here

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    Hi this is my first post I'm not sure how to add people and I don't know where my name is so you can add me but if you could can everyone add me as their friend?

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    Looking for friends! (daily addict; level 91) PLEASE add/ invite me!

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    I need friends as well. Jody Gubalke Omaha, NE

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    I sent all of you guys, Add a friend request. THANKS!!

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    Привет, это мой первый пост. Я не уверен, как добавить людей, и я не знаю, где мое имя, чтобы вы могли добавить меня, но если бы вы могли, все могли бы добавить меня своим другом?

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    Add me please!! I need extra lives. My Fb is Patty Heidy Gomez
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    Please add me

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    Hi hi,

    please add me, i play every day.

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    add me
    need friends play

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