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Thread: How Many Levels Are There?

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    now waiting at 2421, after having completed 2420.... 30 levels just don't last very long.

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    and now waiting at 2451, after having completed 2450 yesterday; new levels appeared sometime Thursday last time.

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    And now waiting at 2481, having completed 2480 earlier. The new thing last week and this week is that the keys/chests now are initially called "Star Chests", and you can get up to 6 more stars by completing 15 more levels (1 star after 3, 2 more after another 5, and a final 3 more after another 7 -- or at levels 3, 8, and 15). After you go thru that, it goes back to ordinary chests/keys that are otherwise useless, unless you need to play to finish your current airplanes/medals games to place higher. So they've been adding the equivalent of 45 new levels a week, 30+ stars for the normal, then another 6 stars for 15 levels. that helps you move along more in the game...

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    waiting for 2511 having finished 2510, plus the 15 levels of Star Chests.

    I for one do not feel like playing these Team games -- there's a bunch of top teams with 30 players each, and a bunch of teams with many less than 30 members that should probably half disband to join other teams. Do you get Stars by playing those games? If not, then it's not worth trying to find other players.

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    I am on level 2571 and have to wait for new levels. Looking at different teams I can see people on 2601 how can this be? Where are the 30 levels I am missing?

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    I am on level 2571 too and have to wait. I play on iPad. I have seen a team "You're welcome" with a minimum level of 2600. And that team is full. Hox is it possible? Are there more levels on PC or Android?

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    Anytime Coming from PC, I also had to change my attitude towards these games - once I had with Township found one I wanted to play (on the tablet) at all. For some, I still prefer the games with ending, as you say. But on the mobiles, games that deliver short and fast "in between" fun is very handy. So, here the goal is indeed to finish a level - and then the next! and, not to forget, here: this room! and then the next!
    I get what you mean.

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    Pls can one make money with this game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swtbae View Post
    Pls can one make money with this game?
    You can make very few gold coins in the game. They don't really give you enough just from game play unless you finish most levels without using them.
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