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Thread: How Many Levels Are There?

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    I'm at 1505 too. Haven't finished Olivia's party but YouTube vids show library completion. Confused as to how there folks so far ahead...

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    I'm waiting for level 1731. For the story, I still have 642 stars that haven't been used, so i am still far behind.
    I play the games, my wife use the star.

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    2000 is now the last one ...

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    Lvl 2031 was the last one yesterday but added more.

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    I'm currently at 2061 (or at least that's the level number in the corner) and I'm stopped. I've finished the Christmas decorations levels, and the only thing that's open is something that gets me keys (and every few keys I get some powerups). I don't suppose it would be useful to ask the developers to keep an official running count of all currently developed levels, so we know when we're stopped, and maybe get an idea as to when the next set of levels is scheduled to be released. (I'm not asking for descriptions, although it might be nice to know which levels introduce new rooms, even if we don't know what room they are until we get there.)

    The problem is, I still have to visit the game every day to keep up to date on the daily bonus or I'd lose them, even if there's no place to go. A little bit of notice that there's new levels would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreatScott View Post
    I've finished the Christmas decorations levels
    Well. Congratulations. You must have spent a ton of real money on this. (I won’t)
    I’ve played every day and can’t even get the Cozy Corner. Level 14.
    I won’t remotely come close to getting the grand prize at the end.
    But that’s the way Playrix has rolls these days. Grinch and Greed. Merry Christmas.

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    3.1. 2019 - the last level is 2151, i'm on 35% of Day 6 in the Quest Room (The Wing). Is anyone further? By the way I didn't spend real money, I have all boost and all holiday decorations. I'm just spending coins sometimes.. when I'm too lazy to redo hard levels and need just one or two more moves.
    Homescapes level : 2151

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    As today January 11, last level is 2181

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    Technically, the last completed level is 2180, and 2181 is the level that you will complete when they release the next block of 30 levels sometime between today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday). Has anyone observed an approximate time during this day when the new levels get downloaded into the game? I seem to go thru those 30 levels in only a couple days (before the weekend is out) and then I have to bide my time (with the silly Key games) until new levels are released.

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    WOW sagt Austin immer
    Ich bin erst bei 659 und das ist schon viel!!!

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