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Thread: Level 188

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    Level 188

    I'm stuck on level 188. Does anyone have any tips on how to get past this level?

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    Hi! Try watching this:
    I start every single level that has honey on it with destroying the honey first.

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    I'm also stuck on 188 but the walk through board 188 board doesn't look like mine.?

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    Hi Margaret. Lots of levels change numbers every so often as they improve the game. Can you share a screenshot or picture of the level you see?

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    Im having the same trouble. I can't seem to figure out level 188 and it doesn't look like the others online. I will try to attach a photo.Level188_resized.jpg

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    I only vaguely remember that one, looks tricky for sure. Off the top of my head, the ideal way would be to start by making a few matches that will remove as many squares of honey as possible (like that horizontal pear match in your picture - that will clear four squares, so you will have four moves before the honey gets back to where it was). That should open up the middle and make bomb generation easy. Once you have some room to work with, you don't necessarily have to destroy honey on every move. Bombs first if possible, then breaking chains, then honey. Try to save the bombs though until you have a few you can explode at once - that will charge the rainbow blast faster. That comes in handy for the chained pears and leaves at the top. But, if you get the opportunity to detonate a bomb in the top row (or a dynamite in the second to top), you should use it to break the chains first.

    Other players may have better insight, but that is what I would do at least.

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    Im stuck on level 188 very hard level its been 3days now haha can any help how to pass this game

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    Help with level 188

    I have been stuck on hard level 188 for 4 days now. How in the world can you clear the items at the top so your lemonade can drop?

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    I stuck on it too.

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    You need to generate rainbowblasters and to eliminate the green and yellow fruits to break the chains on the top and, too, to remove the top fruits. If I remember right, you need 4 rainbowblasters, two for the chains and two for the fruits. Then the glasses can pass.
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