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Thread: Managing Two Towns

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    Ahhhh, that's sad dread.....I'll bring dry roasted peanuts and pringle's to go with the beer at the party!

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    Tough decision Dread 😱....but longest party ever!! I'll bring some cocktails, fruit and indigestion remedy for the after party party party

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    I have 2 towns, but I am rarely on my second town. This is due to the inconvenience of managing my Android tablet. But I like having the second town. If I need clovers, I can use the second town to request help on things my main town has. If I need help fast and neighbors for some reason aren't instantaneous like they usually are, then I can usually use that town too. So, it comes in handy but not too easy to manage if you don't have the time or it is awkward to use a second device.

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