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Thread: Managing Two Towns

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    Managing Two Towns

    A friend of mine (fellow/former co-op member) stopped playing Township for various reasons, and left his town in my care. Meaning, he gave me his facebook account (that he created especially for the game), and now i have his town loaded on another device.

    As of now, i have both towns looking exactly like my original town (to some extent), and since we are both in the same co-op, participating in regattas and playing on both devices, it's weird to say the least :-))

    I know i read somewhere around here that another player manages two towns, but right now i can't remember where i saw it or who it was.
    My question is - is it manageable? Or worth putting in the effort? Any advantages?

    Any input is appreciated!

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    Well, I tried it for a while, one on my iPad and one on my iMac. Being that I work full time I found I couldn't give the second one as much attention. Granted, I did start from the beginning on the second one so it was slow going but I ended up deleting it, mainly due to the lack of time I could devote to it. One town is enough for me to handle.

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    I honestly don't see any significant advantages. Well, you could always send each town one of the daily gifts. And I bet that builds up over the course of a year.

    One might argue that you could produce stuff in town A and B, and when the plane comes for town B, town A can instantly help fill the crates, and vice versa. While that is true, the advantage is still insignificant once you've got a friendlist that includes hundreds of Facebook friends.

    Manageable? To answer that question, ask your significant other(s)/family members whether they're okay with you spending twice as much time on this game. If the answer is "sure love/mum/dad", then you're probably safe. Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility for (passive) aggressive responses including but not limited to being threatened with divorce or devices being tossed against hard objects in order to render them unusable.

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    Hi dreadnought!

    Playing two towns may not be the smartest idea, surely even more time consuming ... but it's just more fun!

    Depending on the levels, you will have two different styles of playing. My older town has much more ressources, so I'm playing the younger town with different aims.

    The advantages? If you want, yes, you can send yourself balloons (never do that) – Or fill your own crates: This can come in very handy when doing a fill-others-crates-task for example. Otherwise I'm filling them when no one's around. This surely adds up nicely to your clover colletion.

    Greatest advantage for me: To be able to be in two co-ops. I had the luck to be in two great co-ops over a long time.
    And I wouldn't want to have missed that for anything.
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    Thanks all for the input, so far it's been a different experience for me.

    Since the old co-op has been dissolved - we were a team of 5 - great people, but life got in the way, i opened a new co-op with only my 2 towns in it. I want to keep it closed until i figure out how to manage both towns.

    Beside the fact that i arranged both towns to look the same, i have this inexplicable need to have them both at the same level/same amount of coins/cash, etc. at all times. My original town was 2 levels ahead of the new one, so i stopped playing that one until i caught up with the second one. I am very aware that it makes absolutely no sense or is in any way productive or efficient, but i can't seem to stop.. If i level up on one of the towns one day before the other, i don't start construction of a new CB until i can get it started on the second one too. It's driving me crazy!

    I considered letting one of them die out, but the cyber debris post got to me, don't want to contribute to that

    So up to this point, i practically play the same town twice, in all aspects of it.
    The advantages i've seen so far is that as mentioned, i never run out of clovers, and the new crate tasks were a bit more bearable with having 3 extra crates available at all times. I can also request products when i'm short of something from one town to the other. And that's about it.

    To be honest, i'm not having as much fun with the game as i did before, i really want to find a fix for that. I think i'll consider the idea to join 2 different co-ops, maybe that will shake things up and i can get past the need for everything to be the same.
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    Wow, dreadnought, that is really some different experience.

    Now I really would like to get a chance to visit your towns! And why do they have to look the same – tried very hard to make my second town the better organised one, now that I knew how this would go. But of course they ended up looking quite similar, and both hopelessly messy.

    Why don't you go out with one of them into another co-op? You can come back "home" anytime, so what's to lose?
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    Wow! I'd definitely go crazy trying to play the games that way. In fact I probably would've thrown one of them out the window lol.

    My towns are totally separate but in the same co-op more often than not. Sometimes I take time out in one, and race solo or as a duo with someone else. Next week, one of them will be on a racing hiatus. I purposely try to keep my second town different, at least design-wise anyway & I have no problem with keeping them at different levels. The zoo is far more developed in one than the other and I tend to play my smaller town more, though will often play both at the same time. I would definitely try to relax your playing style, especially so, if you're not enjoying it.

    There's definitely no harm in being in 2 different co-ops, so I'd say, go for it and try to get some fun back in your games.

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    Omg, 2 towns...seems like one town takes up alot of time! Dreadnought, I got dizzy reading how you are managing them. That would drive me more insane than I already feel I am! Good Luck!!!! I have got to ck them out!!!

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    I can’t imagine having time for 2 games! My single one sucks up more time than can be considered healthy, lol. Having 2 identical would seem largely pointless, and having 2 different would mean I’d always have a favourite that I spent more time on, I imagine, so the ‘spare’ would just be a burden to me. I guess, though, that this highlights one of the things I think is most successful about Township.. that there’s so many different ways to play it!

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    I have a hard enough time just doing one town. But then again.. LOL... I have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time... LOL,, But seriously if anyone can work two or more towns at a time. Well my congratulations go out to them. And I have a question. If you are working two or more towns... do they end up in the same league? or is one like steel or silver or gold etc....????

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