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Thread: golden league Confusion

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    golden league Confusion

    We are a little confused on this regatta hopefully someone can help clear it up for us. last regatta season we finished 1st in the golden league, then we got all of our chest in the IS. So when we Started this season we started in the 11th position on the board, so did we move up a league this season? If so which league are we in it says golden league in our yacht but seems like we are matched up with co ops that have more then one co op teams. Are there different gold leagues? If we are still in the same league why did we start on the bottom not on the top in first place were we finished last season? I understand top 3 usually move up and bottom 3 move down so if your in the golden league were do you go from there?

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    Once in gold league, you stay in that league as long as you finish in the top 12 position, week after week. There is no other league but as time goes, you may face tougher and tougher competition. Last week score means nothing for this week race. Each week is a new race. Be prepared to be demoted at one point or another as it happened to most of us.

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    To add to GLs explanation:

    The regatta starts at 8amUTC Tuesday.

    There will be people taking, and completing, tasks by 8:01am.

    Your starting in 11th place simply means that 10 other teams had already completed tasks quicker than your team.
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