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Thread: How Do You Manage Large Co-ops?

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    How Do You Manage Large Co-ops?

    When your Co-Op gets close to being full, how do you keep it manageable during Regatta? Does anyone have a schedule? We have another Co-op that has asked to merge with us. We already reserve tasks..just wondering how to keep things moving smoothly with 9 new players joining, this will bring our member number to 29. Don't want a mad mouse effect lol.

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    I can't tell you how to manage. But, think about what you want to achieve. When do some of your members play the most, what kind of tasks do they like. Can someone watch over the task board. etc. The bigger you get..the harder it is to get the required tasks with the points you want. Larger teams spend money...lots of refresh, so thier members can get tasks. That is why I would like to keep my co op smaller if possible.

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    Hi Connie

    If your team likes to reserve tasks, it will get harder and harder to do so with a bigger co-op.

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    This is precisely why my co op is limited to about 12/14 members. It's just too unwieldy to have more racing at once, I find 10 racers ideal, and I don't like to ask people to sit out. Some of the larger teams use FB, Line, or private fora to organise themselves, but I can't be bothered with all that. Oh, I see you're part of Helping Hands.. I would have thought you were all expert organisers already, lol

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    We've been gold league since we got here (couple months ago, I guess), but this week was our best finish at 4th (usually around 9th).

    We typically have around 27 people. One this week did zero tasks, and a couple people did only one. We reserve in chat and do our best to honour that, we help each other where we can.

    One of the people who only did one task only gets on for 10-15 minutes a day. He racked up over 200 helps in that time.

    People that do few tasks and few helps are kicked. People that actively contribute stay.

    We delete tasks under 120, but if someone snags a lower one, that's fine, it's still points.

    We're not a big spender co-op, a few of us will pick up sales when they're about. That's cool.

    We have fun and do our best.

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    It's pretty obvious, that any reserved task is a spot wasted without possibility to random another good task. Big coops cannot hope to use reservation and expect it to work. Since there are 12 spots for tasks, this is about the size of coop, beyond which reservation is no longer an option.

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    I definitely agree. When we hit 18 racers, reserved tasks became an issue. Resentment because a good tasks are sitting there and the rest of the board has been deleted for low points. Resentment over stolen tasks. You need to decide if you want to be big or reserve tasks. Otherwise you risk your co-op falling apart over task squabbles.

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    I am the leader of a large co-op, but I don't do a lot of managing because I have 29 great co-leaders on the team. And Stan0 is right, you can not efficiently reserve tasks in a 30 member coop. Also, we typically spend no tc refreshing tasks.

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    Connie with nine new members the most important thing to manage is everyone expectation about the availability of tasks and the time they have to wait to get one. Other than that, no reservations and no prep schedule should work well.

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    Our coop allows reservations, but we have rules for that to keep it manageable. Like no reservations in the first 24 hours, only certain tasks allowed for reservations, no more then 3 on the board at the same time etc.
    In general we don't have many reservations at the begin of the race. We get more of them as the race progresses and some people have fallen behind. By then the fast ones have finished already and there is less pressure for good tasks on the board.

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