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Thread: Combine Two Power-Ups

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    Combine Two Power-Ups

    In Homescapes power-ups are able to be combined to create more powerful power-ups.

    Two row/column power-ups create a cross
    Two Bombs create a bigger explosion
    Two paper planes create 3
    A paper plane mixed with a row/column/bomb power-up will take on their attribute
    Bomb and row/column create a 3 row/column cross
    Rainbow with anything gives more power-ups
    Two rainbow explode the entire board.

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    Super cool. Thanks for the heads up. Just started playing today so these are good things to know.

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    How do you get a rainbow power up? I haven't seen those yet?

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    In Homescapes there's no rainbow blast. The equivalent of it, a booster that clears all tiles of same type in one go is obtained by matching 5 tiles in a row. Like this:


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    Thanks for the tip

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