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Thread: Looking For Facebook Friends? Add Your FB Link Here

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    Looking For Facebook Friends? Add Your FB Link Here

    Here's a thread for you guys to find new friends and play together!

    IMPORTANT: How to add friends for Homescapes:

    The only way to add more friends, is through Facebook: you need to add another Gardenscapes player on Facebook first, and
    once the request is accepted and you are friends on Facebook, you will automatically be friends in the game!

    As there are more platforms to play Homescapes on: the mobile app, on MAC,
    you can be in-game friends only with players that play on the same platform as you.


    So in order to make friends here, you will have to share:

    1. The link to your Facebook Profile*
    2. State what Platform you are playing on

    *please make sure you can receive requests from strangers in your Facebook settings

    Happy gaming!
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    This is Simon Bachert would like you to try the game homes apes.

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    Add me on Facebook: Nadia Iman

    Please add me! Nadia Iman
    I’m desperate for hearts.
    I will add back, thanks!

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    Add Me
    Hearts for Hearts

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    Please add me for gardenscapes and homescapes thank you.

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    I need friends for Homes cape! Please friend me!

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    Looking for friends new player to home scapes!!!!!

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