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Thread: Point/Coin System Makes Levels Hard To Beat

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    Point/Coin System Makes Levels Hard To Beat

    I like Homescapes. I like Gardenscapes as well, but found the levels increasingly hard to beat. I'm finding Homescapes to be the same way and I just started recently.

    And why do we only get 50-70 coins when we beat a level but have to pay 900 coins to continue trying to beat a level? Does anyone else find that slightly unfair? Im finding that I'm always out of money and I don't want to put a ton of money into it. Does anybody else find themselves paying to get coins to beat the levels? I play Township too and have put way too much money into that game.

    I feel like Playrix is just out to make money and is setting us up to always need to buy more coins in order to keep playing. 😟

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    I agree with you that earning 50-60 coins for 1 level when they ask 900 coins for 5 moves is kind of unbalanced.

    I have reached level 48 and paid once as I knew I could get it with one move. I will not buy coins. I am in no hurry. I just play my 5 lives and shut down the game. I do the same thing with Fishdom.
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    I would love to see the coin cost of an additional 5 moves reduced. Maybe more like 400 or 200? for more moves. Seems like that would be more balanced.
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    Sorry so long

    I am either almost or over 1000 levels on GardenScapes and I HAVE put too much $ info it. I am actually happy that for some odd reason my card will not work on Google right now. Anyway, it is completely unfair. Did u know if u reach so many coins, u can earn 2 points? I actually laughed so hard when I read that bc it's virtually impossible.
    Moving on to, is it HouseScapes, well, I just began playing it and am super disappointed with it as well. Playtrix, like all the other online games r out for money.
    The difference with Playtrix, is they really screw us. For u to complete the SMALLEST task, it requires WAY too much. They need to loosen it up and make these tasks worth less.
    Once u reach higher levels u will c that it will cost u like 12 points to restore a statue and crap like that...annoyed, but want to reach the end is what's so sad.

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    I very much agree. I'm a new player and disappointed already. There has to be a way to earn extra coins besides the 3 gem games.

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    Devil's advocate. I find the game to be very similar to Gardenscapes in regards to challenge, though I feel like I've received more coins from Homescapes than Gardenscapes. I've spent 900g on 1 level, similar Graylady, working on level 68 right now and I think I have just under 10k gold. It's definitely over 9000 ... ... ... any way, it occurs to me that many of the levels are able to be completed with one good power up combination; rainbow blast + pretty much any other power up usually does 85% of the work for you.

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    Success in this game is definitely about the power-ups. But adding power-ups at the beginning of a level isn't always very helpful. This is particularly true when most of the board is chained up or locked up in ice. Where the power-ups are initially placed can often range from minimally useful for affecting the entire board, which is what you really need, to being completely worthless for the goals required. I've often wished we could choose to use our power-ups at any time during the puzzle in order to maximize their usefulness.
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